Hi!  I’m Sarah Bridges.  We all have passions in life, especially those who pursue those passions through service-based businesses or the missions of nonprofit organizations.  I love working with others and helping them through their problems and struggles. That’s why when I started my bookkeeping business, I wanted to work with nonprofits and small service-based businesses. I want to help you get back to focusing your time and efforts on your passion and mission with solutions, accurate books, and a clear picture of your business or organization’s financial state. 

What makes Penny Clear Bookkeeping different than other bookkeepers that work with nonprofits?  I’ve been where you are.  I have worked in several nonprofits in my career as a program director, grant writer, executive director, and have even started a 501(c)3 children’s home ministry from the ground up.  A friend, who was the Board President of a nonprofit, talked with me about the need they had for someone who understood the nonprofit world AND also knew how to deal with the financial record-keeping.  Thus began the journey to start Penny Clear Bookkeeping.  Because I want nonprofit directors and small business owners to be able to focus on their passions and missions rather than spend their time getting frustrated with keeping financial records up to date and accurate.

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